#86 | Digital Fashion 101 with Krista Jantti

In this episode, we are talking with Krista Jantti, a design consultant focused on XR, AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies, about the future and the present of digital fashion and how it could help save natural resources when digital clothes could fulfill the needs of getting something new and show status on social media.

Global B2C eCommerce fashion market size in 2020 was $525.1B. The hypothesis is, that 10% of this will be sold in digital-only form.

By some estimates, digital fashion can reduce emissions by a whopping 95%!

We are discussing the energy implications, risks, and opportunities, lifespan of digital fashion items, and their potential impact on sustainability and our lives.

The future is here – enjoy it!

Additional resources:
Krista’s LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kristajantti/
Krista’s company EventuallyXR: www.eventuallyxr.com/

Some of the stores where you can purchase digital items for your own unique wardrobe:
– The Fabricant www.thefabricant.com/
– Replicant Fashion https://en.replicant.fashion/
– DressX dressx.com/
– Digitalax digitalax.xyz/
– XR Couture xrcouture.com/