#71 | Sustainable Cultures & Awakened Capitalism, with Catherine Bell from The Awakened Company

Today, we’re joined by Catherine Bell to discuss the relentless pursuit of more and healthy sustainable corporate cultures and awakened capitalism as a way to alter, quantify, and improve sustainability efforts.

We’ll see how culture empowers anything from the individual self to organizations and societies.

At the same time, we explore hidden truths behind Maslow’s hierarchy, the philosophy of Giorgi Gurdjieff and the notion of the enneagram, and of course, the pillars of The Awakened Company. 

Tune in and enjoy this forward-looking episode!

What you will learn:

– what is really the purpose of business;

– how to create a more sustainable way of being and doing;

– how to be disruptive;

– the Awakened book theses;

– 3 pillars of The Awakened Company (business research, practical knowledge, wisdom traditions);

– enneagram as a roadmap for leaders;

– the perks of the growth mindset;

– feminine vs. masculine perspectives on culture;

– who defines culture in the organization;

– what’s wrong with capitalism?;

– circularity vs. hierarchy.

Books and other resources mentioned:

Awakened Company www.awakenedcompany.com

The Awakened Company Book: https://awakenedcompany.com/the-awakened-company-book/ 

Enneagram training: https://awakenedcompany.com/enneagram-courses-awakened-company/

Giorgi Gurdjiev Society: http://www.gurdjieff.com/

Viktor Frankl ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mans-Search-Meaning-classic-Holocaust/dp/1844132390

Catherine on Twitter: @AwakenedCompany

Catherine on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bellcatherine/

Quotes of the guest:

When we focus on our internal state and our internal way of being and doing, it reflects on the external, which then helps everybody.

I’d recommend every leader: get familiar with the enneagrams, hop on our webinars, it’s truly profound!

People are hired for technical skills and fired for personality.

We don’t like change. The only thing that likes change is a baby with a dirty diaper.

Let’s welcome 2021… one breath at a time.

One piece of advice: 

Relax into what is already present.

Always begin with yourself, with what is the smallest thing right now.

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