#65 | Vertical farming for food sustainability: the case of Eden Green Technology, with Eddy Badrina

Eddy Bardina joins us today for an exciting conversation on the role played by vertical farming to food sustainability. With advanced greenhouse technologies and a resilience-focused mindset, we can produce local and nutritious products, such as greens and herbs, that will feed the world as demand increases.

Eddy will guide us through the exciting world of vertical hydroponic greenhouses, from what it actually means, to the patented technologies of his firm, their business model, and the advantages of producing food at a local level.

To his view, this type of food production represents the future and has already proved adaptable to disruptions such as the recent pandemic. If you are as curious about the topic as I was, tune in the full episode.


What you’ll learn:

  • What is vertical hydroponic greenhouse farming;
  • Why vertical greenhouses can be used for sustainable food production;
  • How vertical farming generates accessible, consistent, and safe food.

Books & other resources mentioned:

Company website: https://www.edengreen.com

Quotes of the guest:

A lot of different people are interested in our greenhouses, whether it’s a government that wants to feed its people, whether it’s an investor group that wants to sell the produce or whether it’s a nonprofit that just wants to care for the community around it.

People walk into our greenhouse and they think they walked into the set of a Sci-fi movie. It really is unbelievable. And so we are trying to make it believable. This is real and this food is nutritious and healthy and it’s not engineered or altered in any way. It’s just plants growing how they want to grow.

I think local means consistent. So, if it’s located right next door to you or a mile down the road or right next to a distribution center or near a store, it’s not sitting in a supply chain warehouse for days. There’s no bottleneck in terms of a processor. It could be bagged and distributed right then, in a matter of 24 to 48 hours.

One piece of advice:

Stay curious.

Commit yourself to be a lifetime learner.

Someone once said we should hold strong views but hold them weekly.

Even though we need deep, thoughtful views, we don’t also need to hold on to them forever.

Our world is in constant movement and change.

Hold your thoughts and views loosely, because they can change when you are open-minded and curious.

Let curiosity take you to its logical end. That’s where innovation is born.