#64 | The future of packaging? (K)NOT Plastic! with Ry Russell

Today, we’re joined by Ry Russell from Knot Plastic™ to learn about how we can replace plastics in our current lifestyle with innovative materials that are safer for our families and the planet.

Did you know that with the technology innovations and resources available today we can effectively remove plastic pollution from the packaging industry? Together with Ry, we’ll show you a vision of a plastic-free, plant-based future where hemp takes centre stage.

Ry will shed more light on the processes behind finding alternative materials for petroleum-based plastics, the many advantages of hemp for resource management and climate impact, as well as how to overcome challenges such as greenwashing. Curious to learn more about a plastic-free packaging future?

Tune in the full episode! You’ll thank us later 🙂

What you’ll learn: 

●      How companies research and develop alternatives to petroleum-based packaging;

●      How we can advance the transition to plant-based, low-resource packaging;

●      What key challenges arise in removing plastic from the packaging industry.

Books & other resources mentioned:

Company website: https://knotplastic.com

Podcast: https://weedbudzradio.com

Quotes of the guest:

Consumers are demanding not plastic options; so, we’re just excited to be a part of the research for this. I tell everybody – as excited as we are and as much as we know, we know nothing, we know nothing, there is so much more opportunity. (…) When you look at the hemp plant and you look at what we’re going to be able to do, construction, plastics, all of it, there’s so much passion and excitement, at least for me.

Environmentally friendly, eco-friendly … these terms scare me. I’m trying to make everything black and white for people because there is so much ambiguity. A product is environmentally safe or it’s not; eco-friendly is such a sticker that you can throw on to anything. Reclaimed ocean plastic is perpetuating a problem. It’s not to be celebrated in the fashion that we celebrate it. (…) Greenwashing is all around us.

One piece of advice: 

Keep growing, keep grinding.

The journey to sustainability can be difficult and even exhausting. However, for everybody who wants to see a greener world, know that this isn’t going to happen tomorrow and it is fine.

It can get overwhelming, you may not know what to do about it yourself; yet don’t let it shut you down.

You are not insignificant.

There is so much opportunity out there to get involved and to join people who are also searching for a way to contribute. Many of us have the same issues – not knowing how to get involved.

If that happens to you, connect with me, connect with others, and let’s build an army. If these topics frustrate you then reach out.

Let’s share knowledge and empower each other as a community.