#63 | From recycled furniture to a better planetary footprint: the case of Van de Sant, with Robert milder

In today’s short and snappy episode, we talk to Robert Milder, designer and environmentalist, about the transition to a circular design, recycled materials and sustainable processes in the furniture industry. At a time when the appetite for eco-friendly products is rising, furniture has been largely ignored, yet it has an intense impact on deforestation and pollution.

Every year, two billion trees are cut to make furniture products. Robert will share key insights into the processes behind using recycled waste materials to make furniture, the prospect of using “interior as a service”, as well as how to mitigate entrepreneurship obstacles and transform challenges such COVID-19 into opportunities to change the world for the better.

Join us on this journey & enjoy!

What you’ll learn: 

●      Why circular design and sustainable furniture are better for the planet;

●      What key processes and materials are used to create sustainable furniture;

●      How to turn around entrepreneurship obstacles and drive positive change.

Books & other resources mentioned:

Company website: https://www.vandesant.com

Quotes of the guest:

Our customer will become the supplier in the future. Everything that is inside the sofas is going to be back in our process. This is a circular economy. That is how it should be with a lot of products and items in the world.

We need to collaborate more with different industries; we can learn from each other and help each other; that’s what I saw. I used materials, which are not even thought about in the furniture industry.

One piece of advice: 

Don’t give up. Don’t give up your task and your view for the future.