Integrate sustainable practices, reduce costs, and embrace environmental and social responsibility.

Assisting IFIs and their clients with implementation of E&S policies and best practices;
Providing guidance on improving clients' sustainability performance and rating (CDP, Sustainalytics);
Launching and fine-tuning clients' sustainability reporting (GRI Standards).

I am writing informative, inspiring and empowering practical go-to guides on how to implement specific sustainability practices in organizations.

Every week I invite professionals in the field to share groundbreaking ideas on sustainability in certain areas, shed light on complicated concepts and give some guidance on how to actually implement sustainability.

Need to implement sustainability in your organization - by choice or by requirement?

I can help - let's discuss your project!

Anna Chashchyna

Sustainability Explored

About the Author

Hey! I am Anna

A sustainability consultant, writer, and podcast host, with the mission to help businesses operate in a sustainable manner, reduce costs and properly manage their environmental and social risks.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about the environment we live in, and how to make it more livable, cleaner, sounder, and better.

My formal education started in Ukraine and continued through a pleiad of countries: France, the UK, Portugal, and Canada, equipping me with the world-class expertise, a set of versatile skills and necessary professional ethics to execute this profession.

Sustainability and environment aside, I was also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: writing, public speaking, entrepreneurship, creativity, and languages, just to name a few.

That led me to quite successful attempts in environmental journalism (awarded a Robert Bosch Fellowship “Reporters in the Field” in 2016), and eventually starting my blog ‘Sustainability Explored’ to share ideas and concepts of sustainability to a broader audience.

Later on, in 2019 I launched my podcast ’Sustainability Explored’ (now available on 50+ podcasting platforms!), where I explore in-depth different angles of sustainability, climate, ESG reporting, green economy, corporate social responsibility, and interview globally leading professionals in the field, discover and help my audience learn about new concepts and ideas.

I have spent about 5 years in the conventional corporate world, acting as an environmental and social compliance link between investment projects in renewable energies and energy efficiency, and international financial institutions, like IFC, OPIC, EIB, EBRD, etc.

Now, I have completely switched to consulting projects, it allows me to maximize my potential in helping more businesses at once.

I map, assess and manage risks related to environment, community, health and safety of workers to make sure the projects develop with minimum tensions and maximum positive impact.

I act with purpose and seek sense in everything I commit to.

I am unafraid to embrace the unconventional and believe upfront investments result in future cost savings.

I’ve got your back! By working with me, you can be sure of the quality, timely delivery, and professional attitude.

"Anna was a game changer in our company. Thanks to her deep involvement, her communications skills and her passion, we manage to improve the sustainability of our construction site. The spirit implemented on this project spread in the company. We can be only thankful for the key participation of Anna"

Adrien Fouchet - Country Manager @ Eurocape New Energy

"Working with Anna has been a real pleasure. A commensurate professional she will have information ready and organized before you even thought of it. Anna is helpful and committed. She does what she says. With people like Anna on board projects go from your normal type of enterprise to one local communities want to have as their next door neighbour."

Kirsten Rottcher - Technical Director @ MottMacDonald

"Anna was a leader for one of IFC’s projects - the Ecobank transformational program with Ukrgasbank - implementing environmental and social risk management system from scratch. 

This complex project - covering organizational changes, a system of internal regulations and business processes, new team development, engagement of the business staff across all business lines and key units (legal, risks, regional teams) - was one of the critical elements of developing the Bank as a leading green finance institution. 

Anna performed her work by far excellently, and also, in the context of personal relations, played a big role in convincing the management and other Bank teams. 

Her dedication, skills, personal and relationship management efforts were critical to move the program ahead and reach practical success."

Roman Novikov - Sustainable Energy & Green Finance PM @ IFC 

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